Welcome to A Life Beyond The Lines, a sports blog with a business twist!  This blog will cover a wide variety of topics within the vast world of sports!

I love to travel to different arenas and stadiums to see how each one markets their product to their guests; it’s all about the overall experience, not just the product on the field/ice/court. What makes them unique compared to other venues in their league?  Did you know that you can get New England Clam Chowder at a Red Sox game or authentic New York cheesecake at an Islanders game (cheesecake, beer and hockey; a combination made in heaven!) How was the atmosphere? What are the pros and cons of the venue?  What can they improve on to give guests a better experience? Was the experience worth the price of tickets and travel?


The marketing and promotional aspect of sports also intrigues me.  There are so many different levels and tiers in the professional sports world, which is something I learned more about working in independent baseball.  You have major leagues, minor leagues, and independent leagues, which are all broken down into even more sub-categories.  Did you know that teams in the MLB have 7 minor league affiliate teams ranked below their actual MLB team?  All leagues are set up this way, and the way that you market and promote them is different on every level.  What can you do to not only get butts in the seats, but to also make sure they come back?  How do you turn a casual fan into a season ticket holder?


The sport industry is so large and continuously growing, which means that there is always current events, topics, and debates to look into.  Money, player behavior, contracts, expansion teams, law issues (spectator injuries, player incidents,etc.), the world of college sports, are all important issues to talk about.  Should college athletes be paid?  Should off-field/off-season behavior impact an athlete’s job? Was Las Vegas a good choice or should the NHL have picked a different city for their 31st?

Depending which side of the lines you’re on, the fan looking in or the business executive looking out, or the athlete in between, could determine how you feel about the topic.  I hope to not only broaden people’s knowledge of the sports business, but to also continue to learn things about it myself!  I look forward communicating, debating, and learning as this blog continues to grow and develop.




  1. Leigh Cadorette Reply

    Great blog Kira! I follow you on social media and love your pictures and your sportd fan soul. I played college hockey and love your passion for the Bruins and the game. Keep up the good work, I look forward to reading more!

    • Kira Clark Reply

      Thank you for the support! I’ll definitely let you know when there’s a new post up!

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