When I started this blog almost a year ago, I had every single intention of posting at least weekly.  That clearly wasn’t the case, and after only 3 posts I took a “break”.  I saw the big picture, the goal, of what I want(ed) this blog to be, and quickly became uninspired once it didn’t catch on as quickly as I had hoped/thought it would.

This was my fault for several reasons:

    • My expectations far exceeded any possible realistic outcome over such a short time span.  This is something that needs to grow and develop, and that takes a lot more than just 3 posts and 1 month’s time especially when you’re starting from nothing.
    • I lost my voice.  This blog was supposed to be a place to share my thoughts and ideas about something that I’ve been passionate about my entire life.  It was supposed to be fun!  Instead, I tried to turn it into a way to showcase myself professionally.  I was miserable at my retail job and wanted to portray myself as an extremely valuable asset worthy of a chance to prove myself in the sport industry.  I felt the need for this to be perfect, and I over analyzed and over thought every single aspect.  This created a conflict and made blogging no longer fun or interesting to me.  I lost what I wanted this to be.
    • I lacked the confidence to post my blogs.  The thought of posting something boring, a wrong fact, or an out of date concept/idea was embarrassing to me, and I was too afraid to publish anything. I second guessed everything. I was writing this for others and not for myself, and that is where I went wrong.

Less than five people will probably end up reading this, and that’s fine.  But this felt like a much needed explanation and necessary transition into starting this blog again.  I am doing this for myself, because I enjoy it.  And although I hope others see and enjoy this, I’m perfectly content if they don’t.

If I post something that you don’t agree with or if I post something that is incorrect/inaccurate, please enlighten me. Let’s have a conversation about it.  You can only grow and become better from learning, and I see my failed first attempt as a great learning experience.  Thanks for understanding!


  1. Justin cantin Reply

    I think you’ve shown plenty of knowledge in the sport that people around here are either all in or ehhh.. hockey is my least knowledgable sport of Americas big 4, although over the last few years I’ve really fallen for playoff hockey and the down to earth nature of hockey players. I say keep it up someone will notice your talent and your passion is obviously is there and it makes you happy so just roll with it! Great job and keep up the good work. You have at kea see t a second reader here..

    • Kira Clark Reply

      Thank you for the kind words and support Justin! I really appreciate that. I’m glad you’ve fallen for playoff hockey, it’s definitely one of the most exciting sports championships!

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