That was fast! One day after posting my curiosity about the 2019 Winter Classic jerseys, the NHL released the official team logos.  The event logo was released in early July and features a frosted green shamrock, a nod to the Fighting Irish and Notre Dame Stadium.  I like it, a lot.  My hope and expectations are/were that the jerseys would also somehow tie into that theme.

2019 Winter Classic Logo

The Boston Bruins:

I’ll be honest, I’m a little disappointed with the Bruins logo (see below).  It’s not bad, it’s just kinda blah and not very exciting.  The off-black and mustard gold color scheme, the block letter “B”…we’ve seen it before (yawn).  I wanted and was expecting just a little bit more special.  According to the team social media accounts, the inspiration behind the logo is “1930’s throwback”.  The responses on social media seem to be positive here.  And again, these aren’t bad.  But to me they’re boring and a little uninspired.

I’m curious to see what the actual jerseys look like.  You can see uniformed players in the background of the logo image, so I’m wondering if they’ll be similar to those to stay with the theme of 1930’s throwback?  I’ve seen a few hopeful concept jerseys floating around the internet and have done some reading/research.  A popular concept seems to be the possibility of not using the logo on the front of the jerseys, instead having the players’ numbers on their chest, similar to a football jersey.  From what I’ve read, the Bruins at some point in the 30’s had jerseys like that, with the “B” logo on their sleeves.  I really like that concept.

Team USA had specialty uniforms inspired by the Buffalo Bills (below) during the 2018 World Junior Championships when they faced Team Canada outdoors at New Era Field in Buffalo.  It would be an easy way to tie together and pay homage to both the 1930’s throwback theme and the historical location of Notre Dame Stadium.  The Team USA jerseys were simple and clean, the names and numbers contrasted well and were easily visible on TV, which is always something that should be considered.  As long as the main color isn’t the mustard gold, I think the football inspired uniform concept could work here.  But that could also be too plain for such a special event.  We’ll have to wait and see.

The Chicago Blackhawks:

Unlike the Bruins logo, the Blackhawks logo (below) has me really excited for their jersey reveal.  I don’t know much about the Blackhawks history or past logos/uniforms, but the black and white color scheme here looks great.  There’s something about a black jersey with a light accent color that just looks sexy and intimidating.  According to posts on their social media accounts, these too are 1930’s throwback inspired, which could end up being an event theme.  They actually posted a reveal video on their Twitter account (@NHLBlackhawks), which I would have embedded here if I knew how.  It was done well and got me hyped for the jerseys, the game, and the actual NHL season.  Fan response seems to questionable on these.  Again, I think that may have something to do with fans wanting more from their logo, especially with all of the jersey releases they’ve had over the past few seasons.  People seemed to want more feathers and color(s).

The video shows uniformed players from the late 20’s and early 30’s.  The main takeaway from the video is stripes, lots of stripes, which is something we’ve seen the Blackhawks revert back to before.  Honestly, they look like vintage felons (below), and I’m not mad about it.  I’m looking forward to seeing a modern twist on these.  If they do go this route, I hope they stick with just the black and white color scheme.  If they do add color, I hope they go with green, orange, or yellow, the accent colors from their usual logo.  Something a little different from the usual red shades.


It’s honestly hard to judge until the actual uniforms are unveiled.  Based on the logos, I’m more intrigued by the Blackhawks.  I really like the all black and white color scheme and the 1930’s theme.  It’s something that I haven’t seen yet from Chicago, despite the numerous specialty jerseys seen from them in recent years (give someone else an outdoor game Bettman!!).  There is so much potential for these jerseys to be spectacular and I hope they live up to that expectation.

Even though the logo is lackluster, I still think the Bruins have the potential to make a really nice jersey.  I understand the 1930’s throwback theme, but I am a little disappointed that they didn’t seem to tie it into the Irish theme (maybe they will).  I know green specialty jerseys aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.  We’ve all seen the St. Patrick’s Day one’s the NHL releases every year and they aren’t always well received, but that’s kind of what I was hoping for.  Green is also my favorite color, so I’m probably being biased here.

I know having a green Irish themed Bruins WC jersey would probably hurt their sales on 2019 St. Patrick’s jerseys, since they’d essentially look similar and be released within a few months of each other.  And I’m sure many fans already have one (I have 2) and may not be looking to add another green shamrock jersey to their collection, which is understandable.  But I’m also not really interested in purchasing another mustard gold and brown jersey either.  I have one from the 2010 Winter Classic at Fenway, and the dehydrated pee color isn’t all that flattering on me, so the one that I have is all I need.  Unless they design something spectacular.

I know that plenty of people will purchase these jerseys regardless.  They make great souvenirs if you make it to the game, great holiday gifts and are essentially a fun collectible item.  But as a casual merchandise consumer, as a lot of people are, I have a hard time spending close to $300 on a jersey that doesn’t “wow” me at this point.  If the Blackhawks ones are anything like their actual jerseys from the 1930’s, I’ll definitely be interested in adding one to my collection.

This is all speculation based on logos, so we’ll just have to wait and see the great unveiling! Which logo do you prefer?  What do you think the jerseys will look like?  Based on the logos, are you interested in purchasing a jersey?  Let me know!

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