It’s finally the end of August, the greatest time of year is upon us.  We’re only a few weeks away from football season and 36 days away from puck drop!  That means teams will start releasing their promotional schedules, which is something that I love!  As I’ve previously stated, I love bobbleheads and I love seeing how creative and fun a team can get with their marketing and promotional ideas.  I like to see teams showcase the uniqueness of their individual brand and heritage/history.

  The first promo schedule that I’ve seen floating around Twitter (my main source of information) is from the San Jose Sharks.  I’m sure there’s been more released, I haven’t looked too hard yet.  The schedule (below) shows 10 different promotional nights and giveaways they have in place for the 2018-2019 season.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t add more throughout the season.  I know most teams add more promos/giveaways as sponsors come in and to keep up with current/popular events.  An example of this is when teams were having Pokemon-Go nights and getting their venues added as Pokestops.  If you aren’t already, I’d recommend following teams on Twitter if you’re curious about any updates.  It’s the best place I’ve found in terms of social media to stay constantly up to date news, you can even set alerts to be notified about posts.


Via @SanJoseSharks on Twitter

Let’s talk a little bit about these giveaways:

The first thing I noticed is that all fans in attendance will receive the giveaway.  I LOVE that.  A lot of people come specifically for the giveaway on those nights, and it sucks when you don’t get one.  Another thing I like is when a team makes it 1 promo item per person, and not 1 per ticket.  I’ve been to bobblehead nights before and have seen individual people with 10+ tickets so they can stock up on giveaway items and then make a profit on Ebay.  This made it so that people that got there early and were still considered to be the first X number in line didn’t receive one…it’s disappointing as a fan, especially when you bought a ticket for that specific night/promo, and could lead to some negative press.


The Sharks usually have great promo nights, which I talk about briefly here.  My favorite one featured here is the Evander Kane and Penelope bobblehead.  I love Kane, puppies, and bobbleheads; I need this.  If anyone wants to go to San Jose on March 9th, let me know (I’m 93% serious).  A photo of Kane and Penelope damn near broke the internet (my ovaries definitely exploded) last year when he was traded to the Sharks, so it makes sense that they would capitalize on that.  I see it as a promo night that could appeal to females, which is a fan base that sports organizations are always trying to reach and grow.


Via @SanJoseSharks on Twitter


I also really like the Owen Nolan bobblehead.  If you don’t know the history, I didn’t, at the 1997 NHL All-Star game hosted by San Jose, Nolan completed a hat trick by pointing at and calling his 3rd goal (below).  With the Sharks hosting the upcoming 2019 NHL All-Star game, their 1st time since 1997, this bobblehead is a great way to showcase a great moment in both team and league history.


Which team’s promo schedule are most looking forward to?  What is a giveaway you would like to see your team do?  What’s your favorite/least favorite type of giveaway?  Let me know!

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