This is a little off topic from what I normally post, but I feel like something needs to be said about this.

I, like many other people, went on Twitter to tweet about the Browns finally winning a game.  At first, I saw a lot of support for the Browns.  I think everyone in the country was rooting for them besides the cluster of Jets fans in NY/NJ.  But that quickly changed once the media spoke with head coach Hue Jackson.  He essentially said that he wasn’t naming Baker Mayfield the starting QB over Tyrod Taylor, who had to leave the game due to injury, at that time. (see below)



Now, I get why people were so butt hurt about the comment.  Mayfield was/is electric and makes shit happen.  And I honestly think that it would be stupid not to start him for Week 4.  The team came together with more energy and played better with Mayfield taking over, I get it.  But what people don’t seem to understand is that Jackson could NOT come right out and say that post game.  Imagine how bad it would have looked if he came out and demoted his injured, veteran, starting QB?


First off, no athlete deserves to learn of losing their job via the media; that’s a conversation to be held privately.  That’s a bad look and could cause locker room issues down the road.  It would also take away from the win.  This was their first win in 635 days, which is 19 games (the next longest winless streak is 8 games, to put that in perspective).  The city was celebrating, the players were celebrating, the Bud Light victory fridges were unlocked, hundreds of future Browns fans were being conceived.  That’s where the focus should have been, enjoying the damn victory and being ranked 2nd in the division (haha the Steelers are last!), not on QB bs.


There’s a time and place to announce player demotions and post win, especially under these circumstances, was not it.  That’s not how you lead a team.  Mayfield will be the week 4 starter.  He showed why he was the #1 overall pick at the draft and showed that he was ready to lead a team at the NFL level.  If for some unperceived reason he isn’t named the starter, Jackson is a moron and I’ll jump on the fire Hue bandwagon.


End Rant…sorry, I’m hangry.

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